Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Headaches and Parking Tickets

I have had a brutal headache for the past two days. One of those crushing, stabbing, painful things that felt like my brain was separated at the hemispheres and then hacked up with a dull chainsaw. I wanted to poke my own eyes out with an ice pick. Yes. It was that bad.
Today it's gone. Mostly. I can still feel the pressure - back there...waiting...

Anyway, that's not the purpose of today's post. Actually I'm not sure what is. My last posts have been really short, mostly due to time, the headache and the lack of something interesting to say. Not that today will be any different in the interesting department.

After a couple of days of being able to do nothing writing-wise, I'm back to my edits. And very close to the end. Which is good, because I'm itching to get back to new writing.

Oh. Parking Tickets...
The other day when I dropped the younger K's off at school, I noticed new signage up along the block in front of the elementary and high school. I won't go into my opinion on this - suffice it to say I might just have to hike my tail to the next town meeting. Anyway, after I saw the younger K's safely into school, I went on my merry way home. And passed K1's car (technically not his yet. The car is Bob's, but is registered to me) parked right underneath one of those new signs.
I knew he was going to get a ticket. And he did.
Then he got all macho and said he shouldn't have to pay it because he didn't see the signs. Um...yeah. Okay. I laughed and he didn't find the humor in it. He still insisted he wasn't going to pay it and that there was nothing they could do to him. Yeah, I'm still laughing, but remember the car is registered in my name. If it wasn't, I might have let him learn his lesson the hard way, but I had to be the mom and insist he take care of it (and loan him the money). I even made him go downtown to the police station by himself. He still insists nothing would have happened. I'm still laughing at that - not a joyous, carefree laugh mind you, but a laugh that's more of a groan and a worry.

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