Friday, March 16, 2007

All About Supernatural

A new episode of Supernatural!
*Total fangirl post - so if you're not interested in my thoughts on Sam and Dean stop reading now*
Where to start?
After what seemed like forever without new Sam and Dean, I can honestly say I was not disappointed. The ending was a surprise. I never figured it out and I love that. And the way they repeated the clues when Molly saw her husband. Definitely didn't see that coming.
I loved Dean's attitude through the entire thing. And Sam's angsty behavior, even though he let Molly stand in front of the window when they knew the bad guy was coming.
There's so much more, and I should probably stop gushing.
And the promos for next week? Wonderful. Werewolves.
Oh yeah, I said I was going to stop gushing, didn't I?
*Snowing it's tail off here. I've heard so many conflicting predictions: 4", 8", 10". Who knows for sure? Even though I absolutely love the snow, I have to say I'm disappointed after our recent high temperatures. I'm ready for spring!
*We're all moved into our new room. Just have K4 to move in and some other tweaking and this project is finally finished.
Behave! (Unless you are exempt!)


AuthorM said...

I think it was out of character for Sam to let her stand in front of the window....UNLESSSSSSS they knew they HAD to let him have her.

How about that?


Natalie Damschroder said...

It was purely lazy writing/directing. But I'll allow them that five seconds when the rest is so good. :)

Misty said...

I am exempt!!! And I completely agree, what a fantastic episode. Gush all you want!