Friday, March 02, 2007

First Friday

(That's my only acknowledgement to the new month.)
March = Mud.
I have a really big dog and four kids...'nuff said.

Today is the release date for Misty Simon's new book "Reignited".
Check it out. "You'll Laugh Until You Snort".

The rest of this post is probably going to be mostly rambling. You should be used to that by now, so I don't want to hear it.

Tips for Friday:
1. Always make sure your kids take their backpacks with them before you pull away from the school. Otherwise you'll be hauling your butt back to school with said backpack and facing a tearful, grateful, sweet child who was worried way more than necessary.
2. Go and hang out with your friends once in a while. At least once a month -more frequently if you can manage. It's important to your mental health and the fun part of yourself. Maybe not so much for your diet, but I think any calories consumed when with friends, especially when laughing with friends, don't count. Or maybe you just laugh so much you zero the calories out.
3. If your house smells weird when returning from your fun lunch, realize that it probably always smells like that, but you can't smell it because you haven't left the house except to take the kids to school and that's not long enough for your nose to forget the smell. (At least it wasn't a bad smell)
4. When you've had evening plans for a while and your oldest tells you he can't make it at the last minute, it probably has something to do with a girl.
5. Read the warning labels on microwave popcorn. They're there for a reason.

That's about all I have for now.
Busy weekend.


Natalie Damschroder said...

*laughing my head off*

What did you do with the popcorn???

Victoria said...

Pretty much everything it tells you not to. Popped wrong side up. Then burnt the heck out of myself with first the steam, then the butter.
It was not pretty.
I'm a dork.