Friday, March 23, 2007

Supernatural! Oh My! (and other stuff)

And can I just say...Oh My!
What a fantastic episode.
Sexy, sad and a little bit scary.
Holy freaking Sam! I was not disappointed. And I wasn't disappointed the second time I watched it either. In fact, this has to be one of my favorite episodes so far, which is hard to really say because I love them all.
Waiting until April 19th for another new episode is going to be brutal!

I finished "Under the Bridge". I'm so relieved. Now it'll sit for a while until I can think about it without needing to vomit. This book kicked my butt. Hopefully it's better than I think.
So I'm right on track with my previously posted goal. Actually a little ahead because I really didn't believe I'd finish until tomorrow evening. Might not seem like much of a time difference, but trust me, it is.

The kid is healing nicely. Yesterday was probably his worse day as far as pain goes, but he's back on his feet today and hopefully not thinking about other ways to hurt himself. Hopefully.

That's all I have for now.

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