Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Almost There!

Well, there it is. Not a good picture and I really wish I had a "before" to show you. It looks like we painted outside the lines, but I think that's some weird anomaly with this picture because though there are tons of flaws, we were neater than this looks.
But imagine this...light pink walls with dark pink sponge painting on the lower half, a pink floral trellis border halfway and red shag carpet. Very girly, and it was beautiful for the female K's. (except for the red shag carpet - but you didn't really notice that with all their stuff strewn everywhere)
The floors turned out okay and we ended up with 3 coats. Not perfect by any means - especially if you find the cat paw prints and the fabric marks from our jeans from putting another coat on a little too soon.
We're at move in stage! Yay! Except tonight is a busy night around here with kid obligations. So, I don't know what we'll manage, if anything, to get done.
But we're so close. Soon I will have my bed back.


Natalie Damschroder said...

It looks beautiful! And J was just looking over my shoulder and said, "Hey, that looks nice!" Which made McK want to see it, and she said, "Cool."

So you have a Damschroder consensus. Nice job. :)

Victoria said...

Why thank you! :)