Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Making Plans

Our annual writing retreat is on the horizon.
I'm so excited.
We've extended it one more day - sadly, I'm not able to make the extra day this time - but I still can't wait.
2 1/2 whole days to do nothing but write.
No dishes, no laundry, no errands and no cooking!
Yeah, I know it's still almost 2 months away, but I've got a plan. And that plan is to finish my current work in progress by this weekend. Take a few days off to really clean the house and find my organization and then mid-next-week start my new work in progress (still haven't decided what it'll be). If life stays calm (ha) I should be able to finish the new one by the end of April - leaving me ready to start the next one at the retreat.
I'll have a lot of editing to do then, but we'll be into summer and the kids being home changes a lot of things. Writing new pages is harder when you can't write more than two sentences without someone needing you. Editing is hard too, but different. I can print off what I'm working on and take it with me wherever we happen to go.
I can't believe I'm already thinking about summer vacation! It's coming up fast though. I just signed up for the last parent-teacher conferences of the year. They're out of school in less than 3 months. And I just realized how big of a goal I made for myself. 2 books in less than 3 months?
Well, we'll see if I can do it.
Stay tuned.


Misty said...

You can do it! I have faith in you :) And you can send your kids over here if need be :) Just give me fair warning.

AuthorM said...


I hope to wriiiiiite during the retreat!!!