Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Nope. Not a serious craft post. Just what you're come to expect from me...ramblings that probably don't make much sense to anyone but me.
In my house there's an extreme conflict of music tastes. Some collide and harmony can be found, but sometimes, there's total upheaval because no one can agree. Now I love a wide variety of musical genres, but what I chose to listen to depends on my mood, what I'm doing and what I'm writing.
At any given time, the musical extremes blaring from the open windows have the potential to make your brain explode. Anything from speed metal to show tunes with a hefty dose of country music thrown in. Normally, it doesn't bother me. Chaos and I are old friends.
I am, however, teased quite frequently for always turning the volume down. Nothing bugs me more than having to speak over what's supposed to be background music. If everyone is doing their own thing or not trying to have a conversation, I'm okay, but don't try to talk to me without turning down the tunes. When I'm alone, it's another story - louder is better.
I mention this because my choice of music this morning has totally irritated K3 and K4. They've even used my own words on me..."Headphones!" Except, my headphones have been hijacked by an unknown (ahem) assailant.
I know, totally pointless post.


Natalie Damschroder said...

Oh, come on! You HAVE to tell us what the music was!

Victoria said...

Okay. Okay.
It was Three Days Grace...Pain.
...and it was loud!