Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Weird Wednesday

Today's been kind of an odd day.
I dropped the kids off at school and drove about an hour away to get some exhaust work done on my Suburban. The distance I traveled was well worth it for a few different reasons. We used to live in the area, so traveling the mountain road was familiar and a bit nostalgic. We loved living in that valley, but the daily travel was unrealistic for us. And I spent an hour writing while I waited.
After driving for most of the morning, arriving home before noon was a little odd. K2 had finals today, so she got home shortly after I did. We're coming down to the wire with school. One more full day and then Friday they go for just a few hours.
That means a new schedule. One that, at first, is going to be busier than the school year. Eventually it'll settle into a more summer like atmosphere.
I only hope I'm still sane by then.
That's all for now...

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