Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Seems Like...

All my days are full of random stuff lately.
*Was helping K3 clean his room and ended up jamming a pen in my foot - right between my toes. It stuck. K3 almost puked. I bled, and it stings a little, but doesn't really hurt.
*What does hurt is the big toe on the same foot where I sat his desk. I'm having a stupid day.
*It's hot here. Really hot.
*I miss Supernatural. I've been watching Season 1 on DVD and it helps, but its hard with the younger kiddos home since I don't let them watch that kind of stuff.
*Our dog is acting weird. Weirder than normal. I think she's too hot. We finally got the a/c's in last night and earlier she actually opened our bedroom door and went to bed.
*Did I mention how hot it is here?
Do you remember a few weeks back when I mentioned the possibility of my sanity being affected by the insane schedule?
I think it's happened...

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