Friday, June 15, 2007

Fiesta Friday!

Well, we lived through the first full week of summer vacation!
The week has had some interesting moments...
Like when the shelf in my fridge broke, sending jalapenos, yogurt, eggs and jelly crashing to the floor.
That was great fun, and my house still smells a tiny bit like jalapenos.
Or when I was summoned into school by K3's music teacher. On the only day I hadn't bothered to comb my hair or change into jeans. Pretty.
The grocery store with 3 wound up children was also a highlight. I know it's something I won't forget for a while. (as in, I'll be planning trips to the store without the entourage)
The dog now believes that she's able and entitled to be on the couch. Not. I've had to tell her to get down numerous times today. I'm not stupid enough to believe she doesn't get on when we're not home, but she never even tries when we are. Today, she doesn't seem to care.
It's weird though. Like hard to believe this is only the first week weird.
Anyone else feeling that way?
That's all.
Enjoy the weekend!

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