Monday, November 26, 2007

The Bird

Yes. Our turkey was wearing a bathing suit. Be thankful I'm not posting the photo of the neck. Because obviously there was a reason I took a picture of the neck. Anyway. The bird was supposed to have tan lines once the foil was removed. It didn't, but we still cracked up.
Today is the last day of Thanksgiving vacation for the kids. It's also the first day of deer hunting season around here - which is why the kids are all off today. I guess the districts got tired of the kids being absent to hunt, so they made it a holiday for them.
We're taking it easy after the long stretch of constant activity. The word meter site is down, so I can't update the progress I made yesterday - which was good considering how much catch up work I had to do first. Once I get organized around here, I'll be back at it.

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