Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Things that bug me...
In no particular order, not very serious, and for no particular reason except that this is my blog and I can rant about stupid things if I want to.
Grumpy people - especially when said grumpy people live in my house and take their daily stress from school out on me. There are two of them in my house at the moment.
The question: "What's for dinner?" - I don't know why, but it drives me nuts! Especially when I'm asked the night before, the morning of and repeatedly. You get what I make. Unless I don't cook - then you're on your own. Like tonight.
The fact that no one in this house, except for me, knows how to answer the telephone. They won't even look at the caller I.D. to see who it is, even if I ask. Let my cell phone ring, however, and they all rush to see who's calling me.
That's rant part two of this subject. It's my phone. If whoever is calling wanted to talk to you, they'd either call your phone or the house phone. Leave it alone.
Socks - The leaving of them when they're taken off feet and the fact no one can ever find any. Oh, and the "borrowing". If there are a pair of matched socks, they are usually taken by someone who does not own them. The only one that seems immune is K4, probably because her socks are so much smaller.
Okay, I'm pretty much done now. I told you the rants weren't very serious. They certainly aren't more than minor annoyances. Since I've had the same headache for days upon end now, I'm a little more sensitive at the moment.
Updated page count coming later.

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