Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh Boy!

And we'll see.
I should probably know better, but obviously I don't. We did something tonight that I'll probably be paying for during the next few days. (Oh geeze, get your mind out of the gutter.)
We went roller skating.
Back in the day, this was a regular weekend thing for both B and I. Friday and usually Saturday nights, you could find us at the roller rink doing our thing. We both even have our own skates - yeah and not the in line ones. I've always loved to skate, though I never caught the hang of skating backwards. Speed skating? Yeah, that's more my style. Apparently, it still is because though a little rusty, I can still move it very nicely - thankyouverymuch.
We haven't been in ages. And I mean that. I think we did an ice skating school party one year - which was the first time I'd ever skated on ice and can't really say I cared for it. We've maybe been five times during our entire marriage. We went tonight because a friend of Kaitlin's invited us. His brother's band was playing and he had a bunch of tickets to share.
It was fun. B, K2, K3 and I had a blast. K4 hated every stinking minute of it. She and K2 crashed before they even got out on the floor, but the doomed evening started way before that for K4. She was nervous as it was her first time on skates. The crashing made her even more nervous. She spent a lot of time on the sidelines and said the next time we got she would rather not. Yeah, that'll probably change, but for now, she's hating it. K3 started out a train wreck but very quickly got the determination to learn. He fell a lot, but loved it. K2 - she's got the genes - she's maybe been on the floor twice more than we've gone as a family, and seriously, I don't remember her ever struggling to learn. She's a natural. (K1 opted out of tonight's festivities. He and K4 share a hatred of wheels on wood. Apparently.)
I fell only once when K3 tried to use me as an anchor. I found my stride all the while remembering how I broke my arm while skating. I swear the rink we were at was the same one where it happened (while speed skating, I might add), but I'm not sure about that. My mom would know for sure. You remember the back I was nursing at the end of last week? Yeah, a little tweak going on again. Oh and I can only imagine what my legs and butt are going to feel like tomorrow. And my feet (which already hurt).
Oh was worth it.
Lot's of stuff going on this week, as I'm sure is the case with everyone.

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