Friday, November 30, 2007

Random Friday

It's been a while since I've written a random post.
Okay, maybe not, but it's been a while since I've used "random" in the title.
I was looking through the Thanksgiving pictures to find another one to share, but seriously, I'd have to explain them too much and I don't have the energy today.
I'm going to be all cliche and stuff and say...Boy, doesn't time fly? It's hard to fathom today is the last day of November. One more month left in this stinking year. Good riddance. Of course, I did already reject the rest of 2007 and since I've done so, my luck has shifted slightly. Just slightly, mind you. But after the train wreck that was 2007, things might need some time to adjust. Let's hope.
December's going to be a busy month. Isn't it always? Between Christmas parties, school functions, shopping, and decorating...Don't want to think about the last two yet. It's still too early for us to get our tree - it would be a fire hazard far before the big day - trust me, we've been there before and it has nothing to do with remembering to water the tree. It's our heat. I may do the front porch this weekend. Maybe, but I doubt it.
The weatherman is also predicting winter weather for this weekend. Ought to be interesting and we'll see.
The new book is going well, as you can see from the word meter. Yesterday, my word count was close to my highest ever and by the time I shut things down, my eyes were watering and my fingers refused to type coherently. Or maybe that was my brain. I firmly believe my gold standard word count is something that's only achievable at the retreat. There's just too much stuff I have to take care of around here on a regular day. Though one of these days I might just surprise myself.
But I do plan to get back to it today - once I seriously take care of the absolute mess that is my house.
Enjoy the weekend!

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