Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brain Vacation

I had the best of intentions yesterday...
I'd planned to dive right back into a short story I finally managed to plot over the weekend after a quick trip for groceries and some household tasks. Except, I never got that far. Or I did, just not in the capacity I'd planned. I opened the document and read through, making minor changes as I re-immersed myself in the story which had been going very well when I finally had to stop writing Sunday night. I'm excited about the story and I'm having fun writing it, but for some reason (probably the heat) my brain refused to cooperate.
Instead, I ended up brain barfing out several pages of an idea based on one line of dialogue that would not leave me alone. Usually that's enough to dispel the activity in my brain, but apparently not this time. I had a dream about it, and woke up this morning thinking about what would happen next. And I'm kind of irritated about the whole thing. The story is not my usual. There's no paranormal, no suspense, no mystery - just an older woman and a younger man coming to terms with what started out as harmless flirting and has grown into much, much more. And I have no idea what I'll do with it, if anything.
And, as the evening wound down and I went back to my original story with much determination, my computer glitched and I had to do a restart. Remember those minor changes I mentioned above? Yep. All gone since I ignored my word processing programs announcement that it'd saved a back up and did I want to open it or delete it - of course, I deleted it. Fantastic! Like I said, the changes were minor, but the whole thing was enough for me to hang it up for the night. I'd planned to work into the wee hours to try to catch up with myself, but that didn't happen.
Yes, I'm still working on the full length manuscript I started at the retreat, but I've found taking a small break to work on something shorter really helps me to stay on a positive track with the bigger book. Like a brain vacation - but it appears that my brain has taken a vacation from its vacation. Or something.
We'll see what happens today. We have several things going on this afternoon and this evening though, and my plan for yesterday was supposed to help alleviate some of my time today. The heat is a huge factor in the whole thing, I'm sure.
That's all.

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