Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gearing up...

So we spent the day getting the camper ready for what should be our second campout of the season, but will be our first. If that made sense. I should have taken before and after pictures. It was very nasty when B pulled it in the yard for a bath since it was parked under a large tree. Very nasty. Now it's nice and shiny again, and aired out. I cleaned all the storage spaces and packed the gear back inside so now when it's time to go to camp I only have to worry about clothes and food. That's a cool thing. I love the way the camper smells inside. I love getting it ready for a camping trip. I'm filthy, exhausted, bruised and scratched, but satisfied at all we managed to accomplish today.
Except I just now sat down. I'd wanted to finish my short story today - especially since I'm really, really close to the end. I'm kind of thinking that might not happen tonight. I'm kind of thinking I might try, again, to watch The Fellowship of the Ring since I fell asleep just as Gandalf arrived at Bag End last night. The last thing I remember was him hitting his head in Bilbo's house.
That's a Saturday lame post for you!

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