Thursday, June 12, 2008

Slow Day

Every single thing about my day so far has been slow.
Except for time.
I just looked at the clock and realized how late in the day it is. Then I realized how little I've accomplished so far. Stupid. I was preparing something to print and my computer kept wanting to restart so it could update. Every document opens slow and wants to harass me in some odd way. I am still in the process of printing thanks to my printer being stupid. The printer que is backed up thanks to me hitting "print" instead of "save" and I can't seem to get the job cancelled so it will print what I really want printed. I'm nearly out of ink and don't need 100 additional pages. Or this aggravation.
Was checking out the search terms that bring people to my blog. Most are my name, which is very common. Others might be odd - like "bare chests and bow ties" or "Victoria Smith Jared Padalecki" (which is way cool), but the one I came across last night made me sad..."i hate victoria smith!". Why do you hate me? What did I do? I do realize this means nothing more than the fact that I've used the word hate on my blog several times. I don't know that many people, so it's hard to imagine someone from a far away town actively hating me. I guess it's possible, but like I said, my name is pretty common.
Well, now even more time is gone and I'm still working on this printer. I think I might have to write off this day.

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