Wednesday, March 11, 2009


No one guessed #2?
2. K4's favorite baby doll. It used to have blonde hair, but since her favorite color that week was pink, the doll had to match. Not only did she marker the hair, but she took the fantastic close-up picture, too.
Well, that's good because that wasn't the answer!! K1 was the one who used to do strange things to her baby doll's. If she had a cut, so did the baby. When she had chicken pox...(Freaked you out a little, didn't I?)
And, well, it's not #3, either.
3. A pair of pink furry slippers - brand new and just out of the box. (I wish I had a pair of pink, fuzzy slippers!!)
So, logically, the answer is #1.
1. K1's hair. Such a lovely color for a boy, and it got him suspended from work as well.
I promise, I'm not messing with everyone's head! The reason it kind of looks synthetic is because he had to strip his hair to nearly white for the pink to show - his hair is normally very dark, and there was a time when he dyed his hair every other week - the damage was starting to show. And yes, he did get suspended from work for it. And he did the dye job on Christmas Eve. Very festive!
Good guessing!

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