Monday, March 23, 2009


If it were possible, I'd quit having Monday altogether. But then, Tuesday would be the new Monday and things would be all messed up. I used to love Monday. I don't know what happened to change that. Well, I do, but...nevermind.
Okay, so I'm getting closer to making my decision. Or, the decision is made, but I have to be sure. Going to be doing some worldbuilding and pre-writing and probably write a chapter or two to see what I think. I'll still write the other one, just not now. I think. I don't know. We'll see.
I finally got to see Twilight. I liked it. Different from the book, but that's how it usually is. Liked the author cameo in the diner. Liked the movie - especially the baseball scene. Some of the characters are exactly how I pictured them when I read the book, others not so much, but that's okay. K3 has loved it since he saw it in the theater. K2 had no prior exposure to any of it and she absolutely loved the movie. I didn't expect to purchase the movie, but it looks like I will.
Seems like all my posts are random these days. I think that's because my life is absolutely random right now.
That's all.


Ava Quinn said...

"Tell me why I don't like Monday,
I wanna shoot the whole day down."
The Boomtown Rats

Glad the decision is made about your next book!


Victoria said...

If we didn't have Monday, then we'd hate Tuesday. It's a neverending cycle!! LOL

I'm glad too. Now if I can only get some good writing time in!!