Friday, March 13, 2009

Thoughts on Supernatural...

If you don't watch Supernatural, you won't care about any of this.
Sam using his bad demon powers is squee-worthy. Holy demon smoke, batman. That look on is face and the way he moves - emo Sam has definitely grown up. I've always loved him, but now...Now words cannot describe... I love the super-concentrated angry face he made when he and Dean were trapped in the funeral home. I hated that he lied to the little boy, but the look on his face said he hated it, too. I'm torn about his powers. I don't completely see how pulling demons out while saving the innocent person is bad, but yeah, that kind of power can corrupt and be corrupted. I'm excited to see what happens next with that.
Dean's conversation with Tessa was heartbreaking. He's been through so much and I think he deserves some lessening of his guilt. He's so conflicted and angry - mainly with Sam. I loved how he went with Tessa when it was time for her to take the little boy, and the things he said. I can't help but wonder why Tessa said what she did and if its true. Dean's confused enough - knowing he was chosen and pulled out of hell with a purpose seems to be one of the things that keeps him moving forward. To have that questioned, while intriguing, is more than he needs.
And Castiel! I squeed when he showed up. I still love his character! Pamela dying was disappointing. I kept hoping she'd live. I really liked her - her dialogue always makes me laugh, especially when it comes to Sam and Dean. I loved the ass comment after she said the spell over the boys. And her making sure she told Sam what he was doing was bad. The little boy stuff was fantastic, especially the end when he went with Tessa and his mom could no longer feel his presence. *sniffle*
Overall, it was a fantastic episode. I can't wait for next week's.
That's all.

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