Monday, March 30, 2009

Musing Monday

I'm having trouble focusing today. My brain is going in a million different directions. The document is open. I've written about 3 coherent paragraphs and a chunk of random thoughts and yet, I still can't find a way to concentrate.

Some of the stuff I'm thinking about:

There isn't much that interests me beyond Supernatural and Ghosthunters. I want to watch Castle, but can't seem to remember and I know there are a few other shows out there that I'd like. I've never watched Lost, CSI, or Bones. Mainly because I forget. The girls have taken to watching some strange reality shows that alternately irritate and frustrate me. Today I find myself surfing the channels in search of something that qualifies as background noise. Not real productive. Not at all productive. Brides behaving badly, brides with huge wedding budgets that behave nicely, but spend frivolously, redneck brides, you're my baby daddy screaming and crying, a demon possessed my son, I was attacked by an incubus or a succubus, I was involved in a cult - holy frickin' get a life. Yikes. Though, it is like watching a train wreck - you can't tear your eyes away. I need to. Seriously.

Stop calling me. Just stop it. I am not going to purchase, invest, give, or call you back. If I want you, I will call you. And I won't, ever, if you continue to call me. Five times today. And we're on the "Do Not Call" list.

As I mentioned above, I'm having trouble getting started today. I'm only about a half-page away from meeting my monthly writing goal. I'll get there. Hopefully today.

My computer:
If it doesn't stop randomly turning off, I'm going to stomp it into tiny bits. I can't figure out why the turning off stuff keeps happening. It's not the power cord. It's really frustrating. Especially when it shuts off while I'm writing. Or when I'm in the middle of blogging - like just now.

The wind:
Or...the weather. We had a pretty big storm go through here yesterday (tornadoes touched down in some areas) and we were left with windy conditions. The wind is ravaging the back of the house, making the cracked window in the kitchen (missle cup) rattle in the oddest way. It's annoying.

Yeah, there's more, but I've bored you enough!


Susan Kelley said...

I need the background noise too and usually pick a favorite movie or a soundtrack and go with that. Hope you get back on track and maybe do ... 6 paragraphs tomorrow.

Victoria said...

That's what I try to do too, Sue. It just wasn't working for me today. I never did get back to it. Sigh. Tomorrow. For sure.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I'm having a similar computer problem, only not while I'm working on it. I go away for a few hours and come back and it's been restarted. I suspect it's AVG doing updates and not giving an option not to restart, which is REALLY super annoying.

I hope today is a less moaning day than yesterday!

Victoria said...

Huh! Maybe it is AVG then. They have a new update out. I haven't installed it yet. It happened twice to me yesterday though - one with movement - so I wonder if it is my power cord...again...

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

It doesn't sound like yours is the same problem, and I don't know for sure that mine is the AVG thing, but just in case...

Go to Tools/Advanced Settings, expand the list for Schedules, select Program update schedule, and select "Delay this task if full-screen application is running." Then if it requires a system reboot it won't do one if you're working or have walked away from the WIP but left it open.

Otherwise, good luck figuring it out. :(

Victoria said...

I'll do that. Thanks!!