Monday, September 07, 2009

Back From the Wilds!

Took the camera, but didn't take one picture except for two with my cell phone. One I won't post here and the other I definitely will because it's funny. Not today though. I am too tired.
But, let me sum up the weekend...
Black snakes and black snake trickery - when my brother-in-law put their camper in place he said a black snake tried to crawl inside. So...after they got set up I put rubber snakes in their bed. They didn't get the reaction I'd hoped, but it was still amusing.
Bald Eagles - We saw an full grown eagle three times and a juvenile eagle once. The juvenile was fishing and swooped down over the creek to snag a fish. Pretty cool.
Gnats - They were horrible. As soon as you stepped away from the fire the nasty little buggers tried to clog your nose and eyes.
Middle of the Night Noises - Friday morning around 2 am, B and I woke to this horrible noise. We think it was deer fighting and it sounded like they ran right behind our camper. No one else heard it and it never happened again.
Toilet-papering - Our friend, Jo, came down to visit on Sunday. While she was napping (translation: drooling on my pillow) the kids toilet papered her lawn chair. That's what the picture is of. I'll post it later this week.
Dead Bodies - Friends of ours came up yesterday to camp for the night. While we were talking she said how cool she thought it would be to find a dead body in the woods. So...K2 and 'the boyfriend' stuffed some of B's jeans and a jacket with towels, snagged K3's sneakers and partially buried the scarecrow in leaves. We let him in on it and kept an eye on their little ones so he could walk into the woods with her. She thought it was real for at least 10 seconds and said she had to remember not to tell us things like that ever again.
I know there were a few more interesting things, but my poor brain is too tired to think of them right now. We had a lot of fun and it was a nice way to end the summer (even though I'm still not ready for it to end!)
Feel Good Friday post coming...


Ava Quinn said...

So glad you had such a great time!

Victoria said...

Thanks, Ava! I'm really sorry I missed your talk! I wanted to be there!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Sounds like it was an awesome weekend. You deserved it!

Do I know the dead-body person?

Victoria said...

Thanks, Nat!

No, you've never met the dead body person! You'd like her though, she's a riot!