Saturday, September 19, 2009


This will explain the why I mentioned in my previous post.
As you read this, we're in the middle of a surprise birthday party for our dad. We've been planning it for months, which is no easy feat when all of us are running around like crazy headless chickens. Mom, obviously, couldn't do a lot of the stuff herself without mega-explanations. Which is why we spent yesterday on super-concentrated party shopping.
I know he's not going to be surprised. For a few reasons. One - it's a milestone birthday. He has to expect something. Heck, my family never passes up a reason for a party. Two - he's overheard stuff and seen stuff, despite attempts to keep him in the dark. Three - one of the guests who couldn't attend sent him a birthday card already. Big tip off, that.
I am spending my day hostessing, cleaning up, and hopefully having a blast.
I will be tired!

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