Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Rambling we are at Thursday again...
And here we go with the rambling...
New Supernatural tonight! Whoot!
I don't think I ever commented on last week's episode. I loved it. Reviews are mixed around the 'net, but I think it's what it should have been. I was sad about what Dean said to Sam at the end, but I'm trusting that their relationship will eventually become better than it was. And seriously? What else could Dean have said to him. It was true. Sam has to prove himself. He did chose a demon over his own flesh and blood. Him being under the influence of Ruby's poison doesn't change the way Dean feels. I want to know who Castiel is working for now, if anyone. And poor Bobby - stabbing himself to save Dean makes me love him even more. I can't wait for tonight.
I just realized I will be in birthday party planning mode for the rest of the year. Once I get through the party I'm currently working on, I'll go straight to another milestone birthday, and then another, and then another. Add the holidays in there, and I think I'm going to be out of my mind by January. K3 turns 13 next month, and he and my niece want to have a costume party. (They're only 10 days apart) The venue we originally wanted is not as perfect as we'd hoped, so we're back at square one. Sigh. K2 turns 18 after that. What I thought would be a quiet celebration is apparently no longer the plan. Can't think about that yet though. Then, K4 turns 10. Five months after that, K1 turns 21. (really can't think about this one!! For many reasons!) My head is spinning and the calendar is full. One thing at a time though.
This week has been a very long week. Yeah, it's Thursday and my day, while busy, could be immensely worse, but I feel like I've been swimming upstream with weights tied to my ankles. If I can make it until tomorrow night, I'll be golden. In order to get there, though, I have to wade through my to do list - which is incredibly long. It's all mostly good stuff, so exhaustion aside, I'm excited.
That's enough rambling, I think.

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