Wednesday, June 02, 2010


1. B jumped in the kayak and paddled over, realizing it was indeed a human skull and finding the rest of the skeleton in the creek around it. We called the police and now our serene camping spot is a hot bed for a potential murder. They're hoping to match the body to an old missing persons case. Nah. But probably possible considering the hillbilly boaters that floated by on Saturday. Bad enough that we made the kids get out of the creek until they passed. They were very intoxicated - one stood up to pee in the water, tipping the boat and filling it with water. While that was going on, the other guy trudged to the opposite bank and apparently used the bushes for a number two toilet, and wiped himself with his underwear which he then tossed into the creek. They bailed the water out of their boat and continued their journey. Oh, and it was only around ten in the morning, too.
2. After the authorities came, we were told it was most likely a Native American skeleton washed downstream from the caves a few hundred feet away. The heavy rains and subsequent flooding finally dislodged him. It's a huge find and very awesomely cool. I'm not sure what they're going to do with it, or if they're going to inspect the caves for more. I want to be there if they do. (Not really in the cave though. That's too confined for me.) Nah. But also possible. There are caves and evidence that Native Americans lived nearby. Very cool.
3. Much speculation surrounded our discovery. We were just about to jump in the kayak and check it out when we walked a little further down the creek and could clearly see it was just an odd rock with other odd rocks piled around it. Disappointing, but not. Well, yeah.
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