Friday, June 25, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Man, this week went fast! Or is that just me?
Here's the list:
1. K3 & K4 playing chess.
2. Not having to cook.
3. Air conditioning.
4. The weekend plans.
5. Lightning bug frisbee.
6. Hanging out with my husband.
7. Baseball games with suite seating.
8. A clean house.
9. Backyard fires.
10. 11pm grocery store runs.
That's all for now!


Ava Quinn said...

Nice list, but what in the world is lightning bug frisbee? lol

Victoria said...

It's when the kids catch a bunch of lightning bugs and put them on the frisbee to see if they stay on until the next person catches it. Don't ask me. They had a blast though! LOL