Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Thursday Stuff

Where to begin?
1. Lots of cleaning going on around here today. K1 is packing up to move out. His mess is immense. There are boxes in my living room, boxes in the hall, trash everywhere. We're also in the throes of getting ready for the weekend graduation shindig. Progress is being made. But it doesn't look like it. At all.
2. Tonight was a big scout event. Court of Honor. This year was somewhat low key since it's kind of late in the scouting year and all of the awards had already been given out, but it still needed to be done. As a treat, B arranged for the boys to make a huge ice cream sundae. As in an 8 foot section of trough and a three gallon container of ice cream. They demolished the ice cream, eating the mess of toppings and ice cream from the trough without spoons. Pretty funny.
3. This morning K4 woke me to tell me the dog pooped in her room overnight. The dog never does that. The only thing we can figure is she didn't go yesterday. Apparently she refused to leave the porch when she should have been taking care of business. Then, this afternoon, the cat barfed in her room. She's pretty ticked considering she just cleaned her room.
4. B's in some serious pain today. Seems the third day postop is way worse than the first or second, despite him taking it really, really easy. Everyone assures him it's normal. He hates it. I've stopped asking him how he's feeling because I get an array of smart-assed answers.
And that's all I can think of right now. I'm considering doing some rennovations to the old blog. Don't be shocked if things are a little different within the next few days.


JO said...

tell him that I know how he feels, considering all the damn surgeries I've had. Tell him I also said to suck it up...and I love him! :) CALL ME!!!!!!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Poor K4! Why always HER room? :(

Poor B. I hope day 4 and up are progressively better.