Thursday, June 17, 2010

Done For Another Year...

Today was the local annual street fair. You know the one I mean, the same one I moan and complain about every single year. Because...I don't like it. It's too busy, too loud, too dirty...I hardly ever go down because I can't stand the crush of people and the heat. And don't even think about driving anywhere. It's impossible, plus, you run the risk of someone parking in your private spot while you're gone.
Though, there are good points to it. We usually end up with company - usually folks we only see this time every year, and invited guests. It is fun to hang out, eat some food, and watch people go by.
This year was a lot different.
K2's going on a big trip in a few weeks. It's an expensive trip and the kids have to help earn the money and since she's working away from home my niece and I volunteered to fill in for her. Which meant getting up at a stupid time and going to help set up, rushing home to make brownies for the bake sale, sending the kids down with various coolers and other items, and then going back down. I swear I walked 650 miles today.
We didn't invite anyone to come over and hang today, mainly because we had no idea what our timeframe was going to be. The 'rents came over for a little while and my sister came to pick up my niece. No stop ins, or unexpected guests though, which is fine since we're completely wiped out and now must spend the next several hours listening to the neighbors party. It's always like that. Always. Most people around here take tomorrow off to recover. And I will admit, we've had our share of parties and noise - like the time my brother-in-law's band played in the back yard.
It's nearly over now. All that's left is the noise and clean up. I'm exhausted and a little frazzled.
So how was your day?

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