Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ready for the answers?
Here we go...
Things that are irritating me right now...
1. The toilet seat is broken. And, of course, it broke in the middle of the graduation shindig. Yes. Irritating as all get out and yes, we're getting a new one as soon as we have ten minutes to go to the hardware store!
2. The flies in my house. Yep.
3. Having at least 45 mosquito bites on my legs. Nope. I rarely get bit. *knocking on wood*
4. My cell phone being broken and the one I'm using not working right all of the time. Yes! My new one will be here tomorrow.
5. How sticky everything feels with this humidity. Yes.
6. Telephone calls that aren't for us from people who refuse to believe we're not who they want us to be. Yes. How irritating is that?
7. Being conned into working a booth during our town's street fair this week. Believe it or not...and I know how hard it is to believe, yes. I am working it. I don't want to, but it's for a good cause.
8. Waking up to find a spider crawling over my face. Ewww! Not that I'm aware of.
9. Having to suck the water out of my mother-in-laws car a second time. She either has a leak or keeps leaving her window down - not sure which. Yes. Still don't know what's up with that.
10. Finding out the neighbors have been feeding my dog all kind of things she should not eat. No wonder she's been having trouble. No. Though I would not be surprised to find this out.

So there you have it. Back to the insanity for me.

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