Friday, July 30, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Here's the list:
1. Awesome friends.
2. Fantastic roadtrips that would have been great even if we were just going to drop off an envelope instead of checking out the...
3. New Retreat site! Whoo!!
4. The cooler temps. Man, it is nice outside.
5. Hearing my sister say: "better than yesterday" because it means her ordeal is near its end.
6. Weddings on the horizons. And this one is going to be epic! Really epic!
7. Booksignings also on the horizon. More on that later.
8. The fire we have planned for later.
9. Talking to K2. Even if it was only text messaging and only for a little. Man, I miss that kid!
10. Double cheeseburgers for dinner. Even if I accidentally caught stuff on fire. More on that later as well.
Lots up for tomorrow!

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