Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Trash

A random accounting of my week so far.
1. The gnomes are growing mushrooms in my flower bed. I think they're poisonous ones. I am scared.
2. Entertaining one kid who is used to having her siblings around for a week is much harder than entertaining when they're all home. Just sayin'.
3. I looked at my calendar. I thought things were going to calm down now. I was wrong.
4. College paperwork never ends.
5. Display chairs at the grocery store are comfy spots to wait for your mother-in-laws prescriptions. Though, people look at you weird.
6. Random hormonal outbursts from pre-teen girls are often scary and confusing. (i.e. the slamming of the remote and the crying about how the only thing on television are commercials. *scratches head*)
7. Air conditioning rocks.
I think that's enough!
Stay tuned for additional movie reviews.

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