Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Breast Cancer Sucks...

 Yep. That's me and my new look. Last night was the "head shaving" in honor of my sister-in-law.

Here is the before picture:

Over 20 inches of hair to be donated to Locks of Love.

Things I already like about being bald:
1. Very fast showers.
2. No hair getting stuck on everything.
3. Rubbing my head.
4. My sister-in-law.

The Bff shaved her head, too. And my sister and niece dyed their hair pink. (My sister can't shave hers because of her job, so she did the next best thing.) I also forgot to mention what I was doing to my boss and I think I may have thrown her for a bit of a loop this morning. She recovered, though still had a startled look on her face every time she passed me.
Lots of people stare at me now. I say, let them. Look all you want and when you get home remind the women you love to get their mammograms and do their monthly self exam.
That is all...


Ava Quinn said...

You are fantasmagoric. And rock like a hurricane. You look like Sigourney Weaver in the Alien movie. All badass and beautiful!!

Victoria said...

:) Thanks!! I'm digging the baldness!