Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday - Mini Vacation Day 1

Ahhh....the first day of "vacation". Hey, it's the best we can do this year, so I'm making the most of it.
First up - sleeping in. Oh my, that was very nice. Then... a trip to the mega store for birthday swag for K5. I could say more about that trip, but... there's a website for that. K5 is the best. She cracks me up - especially when she's feeding me frosting from the wrong side of the fork. We had a really nice time and she is just so stinking cute! I love that kid! Home from the birthday party to make potato salad, then off to friends for an evening of laughter, eating, kids in the pool, fire building, s'more making, more laughter, and sparklers. And we got to see fireworks.
Tomorrow...well...not 100% sure about what's going on yet, but it's like another Saturday for us and I love that. 


Ava Quinn said...

So glad your getting some time off! Great stuff!

Ava Quinn said...

whoops- you're, not your. Duh.