Sunday, June 10, 2012

Feel Good Sunday

Sorry I missed Feel Good Friday! I'm not really sure why that happened.
Let's get to the feel good part, shall we?
1. Not having a ton of running around to do this weekend. We managed a fair amount of yard work, laundry, and house cleaning. (Though we did discover our chimney is falling apart. Oy. The man kept finding bricks in the yard. When he looked to the roof...well...yuck and $$) (And K4 woke up with the stomach flu Saturday morning, which squashed our plans for the day. And that was fine. So is she now.)
2. Making the decision to stay hair free for a little while. (I let the man actually razor shave my head last night and I won't be doing that again. It hurts like a sunburn. Besides that, I'm not sure I like it.) No hair is much cooler, and I don't have to worry about accidentally catching myself on fire. Plus, if my s-i-l has to be without her hair for a while, so will I.
3. Writing time and awesome progress.
4. Air conditioning.
5. Talks around the fire with the man.
6. Writing while sitting at the fire.
7. My kid loving his job.
8. Sleeping in x2 - even though we went to bed excessively early last night, which meant I was up early.
9. Finding out our good neighbors aren't moving right now, and meeting the landlord for the houses at the end of our street. She's very nice and working hard to find good people to rent to.
10. Watching hysterical stuff with the kids. I'm not sure if I was laughing because of their reactions or what...
In all, it's been a mostly good, but far too short weekend. Summer is officially here. Let's see how fast it goes.

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