Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Survival Journal: Year Four - Entry One

It has begun.
I cower under my covers, hoping for a tiny bit of peace. These teenage years are nearly as chaotic as the years they were toddlers. My worries are just different now.
Our camp is constant activity - video games, catching up on television shows, card games, cries of boredom and arguments. They do not go to bed. Ever. There is no peace here. No quiet. No break.
They are always hungry. Always. The food stores are forever in need of resupply.
And they do not see the mess they make. Ever.
The beasts are nearly as bad as the natives. One is shedding - despite how often she is brushed. The other day one of the natives brushed the canine in camp and did not bother to clean up the hair. You can imagine. The feline beast spends his day meowing at everything and everyone. He is well fed, watered, and has all he needs. There is no logical reason for his behavior.
There is no logical reason for much of what occurs in our camp. I am in fear of my sanity.

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