Friday, June 22, 2012

Feel Good Friday

I'm a slacker. I'm sorry...
It's been a long, hot week...Let's hit the good stuff...
1. Friday. Thank you.
2. Living through our town's annual street fair yesterday. I was even off work. I walked about 7 miles. I have a sunburn.
3. Writing time. Though, not much.
4. Alone time with that man I live with. Nice.
5. Not having hair to deal with in this heat.
6. Hanging with the family on Sunday.
7. Picking up my kid from camp tomorrow. I miss that boy.
8. Adult beverages.
9. Air conditioning.
10. The man had to run a boot for the Troop yesterday. Right beside the Army booth. Lot's of eye candy there... I really didn't mind covering for him when he took a break...
That is all for now. Thank you weekend. Now if we could have about ten degrees less on the thermometer?

1 comment:

Ava Quinn said...

Great stuff. I refused to go to the town fair. Too. Damn. Hot!

And I agree. Shave off ten degrees, and things will be just about perfect weather-wise.