Sunday, November 04, 2012


Dear Election,
Can it just be Tuesday already? I am sick to death of the phone calls, Facebook, Twitter posts, and commercials. I'm irritated and cannot wait until you are over.
Just remember to vote, folks!

Dear Hot Water Heater Part,
Get here already, please.
Thank you.

Dear WIP,
Thank you for filling my head with ideas and making me giddy with excitement over you.

Dear 100-year old House,
Please stop breaking. Let us get things fixed before something else falls apart, please.
We can't do it all at once!

Dear Vehicles,
Two flat tires and a dead battery in one weekend? Really?
Thanks for nothing!

Dear Grocery Store,
Why are you always out of the things I need to buy? This is the second week in a row and I'm not a happy camper!

Dear Neighbors,
Why are you so stinking loud all of the time?

Dear Rum,
Why are you always gone? LOL

That is all...


Ava Quinn said...

Great open letters. I can really get behind the car and house ones. And yes, the election one too.

Victoria said...

I am favorable to the rum one myself... LOL... But I am done with the massive amount of breakage around here!