Saturday, November 24, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Post Thanksgiving Edition

Wow....Time really got away from me... All of the holiday prep, moving, tree sale stuff, and trying to make sure there is food in this house...
Let me sum up with a list...
1. Holiday cooking. I didn't have to do much this year - a few pies and some sweet potatoes. Bob made his apple turnovers. I love being in the kitchen the night before Thanksgiving.
2. Thanksgiving with the family - we drank a little wine, ate a lot, laughed, trekked through briers to reach old buildings on my sister's property (in good clothes and heels), looked at antiques and had a blast!
3. Helping K1 & J move into their place. We're still not done, but it's mostly done. They are thrilled and we're thrilled for them.
4. The tree lighting ceremony in our town. We work it with the scouts and then always go out to dinner afterwards. We had a lot of fun, except it took K4's dinner way way too long to come and then when it did, she choked on the cheese. That was awful. (She's okay)
5. Hauling Christmas trees with the scouts this morning. It was freezing and the wind nearly knocked us down. Even though it's a lot of work, it's fun.
6. Grocery shopping with That Man.
7. Naps!
8. Short weeks at the day job.
9.  Playing video games with the K's.
10. Writing time tonight.
That is all for now!

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