Sunday, November 18, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Almost Sunday Edition

It can't be possible that the weekend has so few hours left! Wah! I want at least another day! Please?
To say it's been crazy would be a little bit of an understatement, but let's go through the week first...
1. Managing to stay sort of organized this week, even if I screwed up some important things I shouldn't have.
2. Completing the household administration duties and filing! (It might have been close to 2am when I finished, but it got done.)
3. Opening night for K3's play. I'm so proud of him! The cast and crew did such a fantastic job! My kid did such a fantastic job!
4. Heart to heart talks with my youngest.
5. Shopping with the kiddos - even if it was a quick lunch, then to buy new charger cables, and visit the bookstore.
6. Christmas ideas... and there were a lot of them after the bookstore visit.
7.Making sure I claimed my writing time! I have only missed one day in our 50/50 challenge!
8. Doing the grocery shopping for the week for a change. Yeah, I'll have to go back for milk and a few things I forgot, but I even managed to get my stuff for Turkey Day. I saved $68.00 and did some necessary stocking of the pantry. And I spent way less money than I do when I end up going every other day.
9. Getting to see K3's play a second time on closing night. It was just as good, if not better, than opening night. He did such a great job. And he got to go to an after party when they were done. (Picking him up at 11:30 sucked for me, but I'm glad he had such a good time. Last night they all went to Denny's and That Man did the driving duty.) I love seeing K3 in his element and hearing his excitement!
10. One more day left in the weekend. We're in that day now though... and I haven't slept... and I was up way too late last night and up far too early. And tomorrow is full, of course.
I don't know how long it'll take this house to adjust to the play being over. We've been living in chaos for the past few weeks. Constant rehearsals and the rescheduling of our regular patterns have been the norm. Of course, now we're heading into the holidays. That means the Scout tree sale, other Scout holiday community commitments, work holiday parties, shopping... Yeah, we're looking at chaos for the next 6 weeks or so... but wait... my grandson is due in 9 weeks, so...
Oy! I'm going to bed!

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