Thursday, November 08, 2012


How did this happen? Thursday, and the downside of Thursday even? Wow.
Well... I suppose I should have something interesting to say... Or not...
Here's a brief list...
1. School projects that get left to the last minute due to student laziness / poor organization suck! Kid was warned about last minute crap (a million times) and project commenced to creation last night. Due today. And of course, the lesson that should have been learned about quality and last minute prep was not learned. The project turned out awesome (even if I still have green and silver nail polish all over me). Awesome enough that her teacher asked to keep the props we made at almost 11pm last night. *Sigh* (But yay for good presentations!)
2. Some people should not breed. 'nuff said.
3. Hot showers rock my world.
4. Writing time also rocks my world.
5. I missed Supernatural this week thanks to #1. I'm sad. But I will catch up.
6. Kids who love being in the play and have been researching performing arts schools are also very awesome... If only that kid had super rich parents... *sigh*
That is all for now. Feel Good Friday might be late as we will be attending my nieces play tomorrow night...

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