Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Fun...

We had a really great day!
Hung out at my sister's with the family and a bunch of dogs! The dogs were hysterical and played themselves out! Elsa is completely sacked on the couch. She hasn't moved since we got home.
We had our first Easter egg hunt in probably ten years with Baby B, my great niece, and my niece's boyfriend's little sister. The teenagers hid the eggs, which was hysterical! Baby B was all about running and making his turkey noises and didn't care about the eggs. Too funny!
We had a ton of great food...except for my gluten free, vegan, dairy free potato casserole. Yuck! (I made a regular version that was actually good!) I didn't realize vegan ricotta cheese is sweet! It was not good!
It was a good day! We need more days like it! I got to see all of my kids, both of my sisters, but not my brother (he was under a pile of homework). But my sister-in-law and nieces were there, and my niece's boyfriend, and my nephew and his fiancee, and my parents, and new friends. My niece's boyfriend's parents also came and it's always fun to see them.
K3 stayed. The teenagers are camping in the backyard. K3 doesn't have school tomorrow. K4 does.
On the way home, K5 called. She's hysterical and we had an interesting conversation about dog's dancing.
I hope you had a good day too!

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