Thursday, April 17, 2014

Is It Friday Yet?

This has been a really long week!! I think I said that on Tuesday and nothing has changed. Late nights of running errands and wrangling pies and kid homework and all of that stuff. I'm totally burned out.
The upside is that my final line edits are done and turned in as of last night. Yay! And I have a handle on the story I'm writing for Halloween. And I also know what I'm writing next!
The other upside is my kid's great report card! She really turned things around! Yay!
The pie sale was a nightmare! My helpers did a really good job, but some pies got mixed up due to having to move them twice. Money is a wreck, scout accounts need to be re-figured, I have 4 extra pies needing homes in my freezer... I'm so done with it. I hate pie more now than I did on Wednesday.
One more day to work and I don't have to deal with teenagers in the morning since they're off! I also don't have to take lunch tomorrow, which is cool. Our sales rep has bought pizza for tomorrow. I'm also taking the guys in the store doughnuts in the morning to thank them for putting up with me and answering my million questions. They don't know I'm bringing them yet. It's been good to work in the store. They're good guys with a lot of knowledge and a twisted sense of humor and I've gotten a good handle on a lot of product and procedures, and have learned a lot of stuff, but it's been so slow the past week. I still have not heard a bad word about the company, which, after three weeks, is a very good thing. Monday I go back to corporate and my desk. I am looking forward to it.
Retreat is in 27 days! I have a lot to do for it, but this is the fun stuff! I so need this retreat!
But I need to sleep now... For like a week!

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