Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Tuesday?

Sorry, but this week has already been so very long. Seriously.
I am beyond tired. And my toe(s) still hurt, though not as bad as they did even this morning. I have a big bruise, and another bruise forming, but I'm not sure I have any kind of a break now. At least I don't think.
Today is tax day. I mailed my returns (the ones I owed on. The other was done electronically last week) on Saturday. I hate writing that check and I hope this is the last year I have to do it. Damn.
Today is also my parent's 53 wedding anniversary. How cool is that? Five kids and fifty-three years and they still love and like each other? Awesome stuff!
I'm currently working on my final line edits for Cursed Fate. I'm about 90% done, which means the easy stuff is done and I only need to go back and hit the stuff I have to think about. I'll share my cover as soon as I get it, but it should be out around the end of May.
We have around 235 pies coming in for scouts tomorrow. I screwed this thing up big this time because I added wrong and ended up ordering 30 extra chocolate whipped cream pies. Oy! Luckily, all but 5 or 6 are now taken, but man, I feel like a jerk! It's been chaos organizing the extras and I'm stressing because I won't be there to do the sorting and counting tomorrow. I have two really great volunteers helping until That Man and I can get there, but still...
I need to go to bed...

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