Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

So apparently I didn't end up with any kind of sinus infection... at least not that I can tell at this moment. I'm still fighting this crud, but it's not as bad as it was on Friday.
This weekend has been crazy! But way too much fun...
Saturday - K4 and I went on a run for shorts and bras, then did the grocery shopping. (That Man and I went to the store again later) When we got home we helped with the yard work. She did homework, then we all went to K2 and J's house for dinner. We had a blast! We ate tacos, talked, laughed, and played a really fun game that had us all laughing so hard we couldn't breathe. It was very good.
Today - That Man and I dropped the van off at our mechanics because it sucks and won't stay running. Damn. We stopped at a friend's house to pick up a computer he generously offered us. That's a lifesaver. Now I don't have to give up mine for homework and can finally get some writing done. We came home and finished cleaning up, sent K3 and K4 to get gas and to the store (again... really?). Then, the family came over for a cookout and to celebrate our parents anniversary. Their anniversary is really on Tuesday, but this was the perfect day to get together. The weather was beautiful. We grilled, talked, laughed, and my puppy got to play with my niece's puppy. They wore each other out, which is a very good thing. Elsa is so tired and snoring on the floor. It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone. We definitely need to do this more often!
Oh wait... we will. Next weekend at Easter.
I did a little writing. Not enough to catch up with myself, but some. My feet are still hurting and I have to be on them again all day tomorrow. I still have laundry to do and I still have teenagers in my house. But I need to go to sleep, because that sleep thing... It didn't happen too much this weekend. Ha!

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