Friday, April 11, 2014

Feel Good Friday

Hey! It's actually Friday! This stupid cold has made this a very long week! My butt is dragging! I thought I felt better yesterday, but as it turns out... I don't. I have a killer headache over one eye and down one side of my face. Yes. I know what that probably means. I'm not listening right now though...
So... Let's do the list, shall we?
1. Still having feet to walk on... Yeah. They hurt. And I'm actually bruised, but the new shoes seem to be working out well. Today was better.
2. It's Friday. I lived through the week. Yay!
3. That Man taking care of the shopping and dinners this week. And picking up the slack around the house and kid kingdom - picking up, dropping off, taking care of stuff... He's very qualified to do these things and very capable. I'm just not used to not coordinating everything. It's a little weird for me not to know everything that needs to be done, but really good, too.
4. Writing. I'm a little behind in my goal, but not that far behind.
5. Getting the taxes done and paid. Yay on being done, but boo on the checks I had to write!
6. Plans for the weekend. They're changing somewhat, but still good.
7. Sleeping in tomorrow. That Man insists he's waking me up at six, but that is not going to happen!
8. Our puppy! She's getting so big and calming down for the most part. She's only four months old, but she's so smart (when she's not being dumb! ha!).
That's all I have. This week has been a huge blur for me. I understand I'm still in adjustment phase, but it's been crazy. Between the cold and errands, I haven't sat down at a decent time any night this week. And I discovered I ended up ordering over 30 extra chocolate cream pies for the Boy Scout pie sale! Oy! I hope I can work that one out!
That is all...

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