Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Crashing Computer & Other Stuff

So... I was right in the middle of a post on Sunday when my computer died... It went into "recovery" mode and would not come out. I tried to restart at an earlier point, and each point I tried crashed again. Grr... I have no idea what caused it, potentially my virus protection update, but maybe not... I went to bed after setting it up to do it's recovery thing and come Monday morning, it was still stuck in the same loop.
Monday night I reset the whole darned thing.
I lost all of my files and pictures.
Luckily, I had backup on most things, but I lost a crapton of writing files - which is my bad, but I'm not feeling the loss. Not really. Yeah, I had a pretty good chunk of a story, but it wasn't going anywhere, so I guess it's okay... It is what it is. I'd be buying a new computer if I hadn't gotten the reset done, so it's all good. I will be backing up a lot from now on...
In other news...
I have no hair again.
My sister-in-law (That Man's sister) is going through chemo and her hair is quickly on the way out. That Man came home Sunday and told me that his sister has lost almost all of her hair. I know she didn't want me to cut my hair for her. She even told me that, but given the fact that I don't listen to those kinds of things.... I made him cut my hair off. She's struggling a lot with it, so I decided to shave mine to let her know she's not alone. She says I'm crazy, but I want her to know that it's okay.
Work was a lot shocked. I had a lot of head rubbings.
It's all good. My hair will grow back. I still have my eyebrows and eyelashes and other body hair... Boils down to the fact that I had a choice in this and my sister-in-law did not.
I will do this for every woman I love, without question...
That is all...

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