Thursday, March 30, 2017

Irksome Thursday

While I'm glad it's Thursday - only because tomorrow is Friday, but there are things... Things that bug me.

1. When someone adds me to a Facebook group without my permission. It didn't happen just once today, or twice, but three times!! What the heck? I don't care if you're adding me to something you know I love, freaking ask me first if I don't know about it beforehand!
If you don't ask me, the first thing that will happen is that I will go to the page and leave. And I'll be irritated. I don't have time for the million emails that come with these groups and I'd like to make that choice for myself - not check my email and see that I have two million notifications for a group that I don't care about or one that's trying to sell me something...

2. People inserting themselves into things they know nothing about. Did I ask for your advice? No? Then shut your mouth. Maybe ask questions and listen before inserting your opinion. And I'm not talking about close friends and family - they always have the right to say things, because they do listen. I'm talking about practical strangers who ask what's up and then launch into their "knowledge" on the subject without taking the time to find out if you even know they things they "know". Excuse me, I'm not stupid... (and yes, I'm talking about people who ask why I shaved my head and then try to tell me how to cure my sister-in-law's cancer that she's fought for twenty everything big and small hasn't been tried by now? Really!) This also happened more than once today.

3. The general disarray of my house. My kitchen is clean. Enough. Because That Man and I cleaned it after dinner. My bedroom - okay. The living room - halfway passable. Dining room - kind of okay, but mostly not. I can't see my table and it's not my stuff. I know these things would take a moment to clear, but it's not my mess and I'm being stubborn. Yeah, we all work and stuff, but gah! It bugs me. And I know I have guilt in this scenario, too, but still...

4. I love my dog. I really do, but she's been kind of rotten the past few days. She's gotten into the bathroom trash, the drawer in the bathroom, the kitchen trash, and my bed. None of it was really awful, but the fact that I've made my bed every day this week, and when I leave for the day it looks pretty and inviting. When I come home, it looks like someone had a party in there. She gets under the covers and throws the pillows on the floor and wrinkles the whole thing up.

5. This computer shopping thing. I thought I found what I wanted, but then I found a better one cheaper, but I'm not sure about the mode of delivery or the warranty. And then, I'm not sure this one can't be fixed. I'm seeing a pattern in the bullcrap it does. I need to talk to K3's friend and see what his opinion is...

That's enough. Five isn't too bitchy, is it?

Bring on Friday!


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