Friday, March 31, 2017

Feel Good Friday

Oh it is Friday and there is some Feel Good...

1. Friday! Duh! Lived through the week. Good, right?

2. Dinner out with That Man and K4. We went to a local pizza shop. Had some good food, but not so stellar service. And I can complain about my pizza - I ordered two slices with mushrooms. When it came out, the pizza was barely warm, with raw mushrooms scattered on top. I asked for my slices to be heated up again. They came back out warmer and the mushrooms still raw. It was not at all what I'd expected. I ate one slice and gave the other to K4. The fried zucchini was banging though.

3. We did have a lot of laughs. There was talk of a spreadsheet for our bathroom, among other things. I won't get into it, except to say it was hilarious and I think K4 was embarrassed to know us... Ha!

4. There's good and bad in this one... I left the day job early today, but it was to pick up Mr. B from the babysitters. He was sick and miserable. Fever, ear pain... a mess.

5. Also good and bad... K1 made Mr. B a doc appointment and told me it was at our regular docs. He had mandatory overtime and no way to get out of it. I get to the doc with 5 minutes to spare and they tell me I'm at the wrong office. The office Mr. B was supposed to be at is about twenty minutes away, without traffic. It's rush hour. It takes me thirty-five minutes to get to the right office and I have no confirmation that they'll actually see Mr. B. But when we get there, the parking lot has a lot of cars, so we go in. Surprise. They knew we were coming, K1 had called and explained, and apparently the regular doc had also called. We get back to the room and they ask if we're willing to see a different doc because the one we're scheduled to see is running really late. (so basically, we would have waited even longer even if we'd been there on time.) We see the different doc and find that Mr. B has a virus - no ear infection like we thought - and to do the stuff we already knew to do. Mr. B was so good and pleasant. The doctor even complimented on how well behaved he is. Nice. He's a great kid.

6. My writing meeting tomorrow. Yay!

7. The figuring out of the rewrite story. I love this story and I'm thrilled to be working on it again! I'm digging into the motivations to figure out what makes it tick and I love it.

8. Warmth in my house.

9. Sleeping in a little tomorrow.

10. Getting to talk to my sister from another mister tonight. I must have said "I need to get going" twelve times, and then "Oh, I need to tell you this.." It was a good conversation and I miss her!

11. Weekend plans. I hope they work out!

That's enough.


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