Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Woes...


Taxes suck hardcore.

K3 and I did his together. He's getting a little bit back, which is nice for him. We do have to print and mail his return because I cannot find last years tax documents so he can e-file. Suck. I have no idea where they are. I know I printed all of it, but it's gone. I've been searching for them for three weeks now... It's very unlike me. I distinctly remember moving them, but they are not where I was sure they were.

That Man and I owe out the butt to both Uncle Sam and our state. I didn't expect to owe the state, so that came as a big surprise and sucks more than you can imagine. And we owe the state almost as much as we owe federal. I have no idea why. Blah, but I have to print both and mail them in with checks. That will be done tomorrow and then my tax crap is done. It's funny that I'm not stressing out about having taxes done this year even though state needs to be filed in 5 days and federal in 8 days. (Technically my state is filed, they are just waiting for their money) (except for the money part). Typically, I have them done in early February, regardless of if we owe or not. I did start them in March this year, and then couldn't be bothered to finish (and was looking for last years). I remember having stress dreams about filing on time back in the day, but I know they will be done on time and I'm not worried about it at all. (Is this an aging thing? Or an I know I'm not getting any money back thing?)

Today was a typical Monday. Well, maybe not so typical... I was out Friday due to the dysentery, so my work load was a little heavier. K4 continued to have the dysentery, so she was home sleeping all day. That Man is probably getting the dysentery. (looks like we are 4 for 2 now...) He went to bed before eight with horrible stomach cramps. I feel bad for him.

K3 cooked us dinner, which was awesome - black bean burgers and asparagus. He's perfecting his burgers and he's getting really good at it.

But it was a gorgeous day today! I should have put my top down on the Jeep, but I'm glad I didn't only because of having time to put it back up tonight. I might take it down tomorrow though.

What else?

Working on a book and making decent progress. Love.
About a month until Retreat! Cannot wait!
The garden box is ready for planting.
My beach cactus is looking awesome! (Did I tell you about that?)

My computer (ahem - knock on wood) is behaving right now. It hasn't shut down on me in almost a week. Which is good, but I still have a decision to make, especially considering the horrible outpouring of money that will be happening with the payment of the tax debt...

That's all for now... Bed is calling.


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