Friday, February 20, 2009

Feel Good Friday

Whoot! Friday again!
Here we go:
1. I'm warm in my house and don't have to go anywhere else tonight.
2. Sleeping in. Oh yeah, sleeping in. Beautiful.
3. A husband that took the time out of his busy afternoon to bring me lunch, and then stayed to eat with me. Sweet.
4. $1.10 off a gallon of gas thanks to the stores awesome coupons.
5. Movie nights with friends.
6. Planning the retreat.
7. Revisions - even though they're kicking my butt. Each page is a page closer to being finished.
8. Finally finding an enjoyable book to read. The last five or six have left me cold. I'm only half through, but I'm hoping it holds up through the end.
9. Happy Feet!
10. A relaxing weekend ahead.
That's it.
Enjoy your weekend!


Ava Quinn said...

Great list. A couple on it made me happy too!

wv mentedoc - a doctor that surgically removes mentos that accidentally slipped in the body during the first surgery.

Victoria said...

LOL, M3!!

Very funny wv!!